112D which firmware for +R bitsetting

I just bought a 112D, I want +R bitsetting only, plan to burn movies to +R DL, everything else stock is fine as I do not use RAM.
This is my 1st PIO so any suggestions is apriciated.

For +R bitsetting (AUTO!) you need an 111L firmware.
DVD+R DL is set automatically to DVD-ROM with any 111 firmware.

chef this person is asking about [B]112D[/B] not 111D.

It’ll be here . Trouble is that it’s not the latest that’s available for the 112.

I assume you mean 112L?

It’s only the 112L that will auto-bitset +R media if the 111 series is anything to go by. By default auto-bitsetting is done for +R DL media.

Tim, Do you mean the stock firmware 1.09 will bitset +R DL to rom?

You can’t crossflash with the stock firmware, tho. You need to use the TDB version.

If stock 1.09 firmware will allow to bitset on +R DL then I do not want to crossflash right now.
I am a bit confused so let me ask again. :doh:
Will stock firmware 1.09 allow bitsetting for +R DL?? :confused:
My drive arrives Tuesday so I may have to find out for myself. :slight_smile:

I believe the 112 is already defaulted by Pioneer to bitsetting to dvd-rom for DVD+R Dual layer media. It was that way with the Pioneer 111 model. :bigsmile:

The stock firmware from Pioneer sets DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM automatically. If you want to have bitsetting on DVd+R too you have to crossflash to Buffalo firmware.

right, mixed that up.

But what for the 111 counts counts for the 112 too. :wink: