112D & L/ CDSpeed

I know that the 112’s aren’t good scanners but something changed as I go to disc quality to scan it tells me (drive does not support this function) and it used to work before on both drives, I just d/l cdspeed ver and get the same thing, any ideas ? :confused: Thanks in advance :bow:


scanning support was removed for Pioneer DVDRW drives (on Pioneer’s request, if I remember correctly) in recent versions of CD/DVD Speed.


At Pioneer’s request, Disc Quality scanning support for Pioneer drives was removed in CDSpeed because the reported C1/C2 and PIE/PIF values are unreliable.

If you want to scan with a Pioneer drive, even though Pioneer themselves say it’s unreliable for this purpose (and they shold know), then you’ll have to use CDSpeed or earlier.

With even earlier versions of CDSpeed, you may also have to edit the registry in order to enable Disc Quality scanning on Pioneer drives, but I don’t remember which versions need this registry change:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

(You need to remove PIONEER from the “Blocked” value, but don’t remove the Blocked value altogether)

Okay great you saved the day, now to find, Had me thinking big time trying to figure out what had happened

You’ll find most of the released versions of CDSpeed here. was not released as such and it had an annoying bug on exit, so I suggest instead.

Thanks a million :slight_smile:

Just deposit the million into my off-shore account in the Cayman Islands; details to follow… :bigsmile: