112D 2nd layer burning issue

New to my Pio 112d, and this is a burn I made, using verbatim +R DL media. It looks like the 2nd layer isn’t burning near as well as the first. Is that correct, and if so, can anyone tell me why/what I can do to correct this?

Does the disc play fine? If so, the burn is acceptable. No reason to get anxious about the scan. It could’ve been just a less-than-stellar disc (or spindle). The 112 still burns MKM001 very well in general.

How fast did you burn the dvd? If it was @2.4x that’s normal, try to burn 4x or 6x, and u’ll get better results.

I believe this one was burned at 2.4X. Why would burning at a faster speed provide better results? I thought a slower speed would give less error rates?

It does seem to play fine however, I was just curious about the large difference in the quality between the layers.

On my plextor, the faster, the better, i get 650 PIF total and PIF max =2