112 shows as ZIP drive after firmware update

I hope this is the right place to post this, After I installed my 112D and did the firmware update 1.09 now in my computer my 112 shows up as a Zip 250 with the Zip icon, however I do have a zip drive 250 on my computer showing up as a removable disk though, I have disconnected them and installed 1 at a time with no luck, think the firmware update did this ? had no disk in either drive when I did the firmware up date to the 112

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Have ensured you have your Pioneer DVR-112D connected to an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE Cable and the Master/Slave jumper is correctly set. The below Web Link provides detailed information ->


If you have confirmed that your Pioneer DVR-112D is connected to an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE Cable and the Master/Slave jumper is correctly set suggest though Device Manager removing your both your Zip Drive and Pioneer DVR-112D and rebooting and allowing your Zip Drive and Pioneer DVR-112D to be reinstalled during the rebooting procedure. If you are unaware of how to do this proceed as follows -> Navigate to Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manage. Once in Device Manager navigate to Disk Drives and select your Zip Drive and Right Click on your Zip Drive and select Uninstall. Then navigate to DVD/CD-ROM Dive and select your DVR-112D and Uninstall. Then turn off your computer as normally and wait a few seconds then restart your Computer. Your Zip Driver and Pioneer DVR-112D should now be correctly recognized.

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BJKG thanks for the response, yes I have done all that, what I have now is the correct icon for the 112 but instead of showing DVD-RW it’s still showing Zip 250, the drive works ok though, need to find away to rename it. I removed all the omega software and just let xp load it as removable disk. Thats when I got the correct icon for the 112 but not the correct name :sad:

Got it fixed finially

can you please share how in case someone else has this issue?

Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling burner, that didn’t work, uninstalled Pri IDE channel reinstalled ,which it’s hooked up to and that didn’t work so I then ran CHKDSK and then ran SCAN DISK and after finished I checked and everything was back to normal, go figure huh :confused:

ZIP drive configurations have a nasty habit of sticking around long after the ZIP drive has been removed. When I used to use ZIPS, I would never install any Iomega software and I never had further problems.