112 -Is there a bitsetting firmware



Hi all,

Just got my 112 today (Firmware 1.06).

Can anyone point me to a firmware which would allow bitsetting?

Take care



Yes, you need to crossflash to 112L:




Thanks for that Dalen.

Take care



I’d advise caution in cross flashing. Make sure that it works perfectly OK with a few burns , both DVD & CD , before cross-flashing. It helps in warranty situations.


Thanks TimC.

I’ve already burned a few DVD & CD’s, and all seems well, so I intend
cross flasing later today.

Take care



Has there been any confirmation yet that the 112 has identical hardware to the 112L?


this procedure has already been tested and fully operational


That’s good to know. SVP are selling these at a sensible price - do I need another burner?


digitalpromo are a few quid cheaper


That’s not helpful really. I’m a bit of a sucker for new burners & I really don’t need another one , want maybe but not need. :bigsmile: