111L to 111D steps



Is it?

  • 8.29L to 8.19L
  • 8.19L to 1.19D
  • 1.19D to 1.29D (Pioneer firmware)

Not sure if this will void restore the warranty, but I figure it’s worth a shot.


Excuse me, i confused 111 with 112


Once you crossflash with hacker FW it will void the warranty and if you crossflash back it will not restore the warranty because when they check the drive they will be able to see that you crossflashed. There are many post about crossflashing and it is stated that you do it at your own risk as it will void the warranty




This is the way i did it:
111L 8.29 > 111D 1.06 (TDB Flasher w/Kernel)
111D 1.06 > 111D official 1.29 (using original *.129 file & TDB *.exe file)


thanks hannez, i found it in another forum as you describe.



I am currently on 111L 8.26 firmware and I’m getting confused here.
Do I win anything by going back to 111D from 111L?

And I heard people are getting worse scans of their dual layers discs with 8.29 then 8.26, any thruth in this?

Thank you for your time.


I stopped using 111L, because it was too noisy. All i need is DVD-RAM, so i crossflashed to 111.


So you are telling me 111D firmware is less noisy then 111L firmware ? o.0

lost in thoughts


111L has no built-in quiet drive utility. The disc spins at full speed all the time while watching movies. Even Nero DriveSpeed cannot limit the speed.