111L just bit the dust?

Feb 9th I bought my new 111D and immediently flashed it to a 111L - loved it until today.

Today it apparently bit the dust? Take a look at the scans below (scanned on my liteon) - they are consistently horrible. It looks like the burner is having a problem when it tried to change speed (based on the first scan)

3 types of media are represented below. 2 TYG02 discs and 1 CMC AM3 disc that I scanned through KProbe - all look similar and bad

I am pretty sure its not the Liteon Scanner going bad, if I scan discs I burnt as early as yesterday using my Pioneer, they scan beautifully. Also if I burn on the liteon and scan on the liteon, the scans look great. Its only discs burnt with my Pioneer.

So whats going on? Any ideas before I figure out how to flash back to a 111D and send this burner back :sad:

Ok heres something else - the scan below is from a Playo “fake” MCC004 disc I just burnt on the Pioneer - the scan is much better. I know my Pioneer burns MCC004 discs with a straight burning curve (it doesn’t jump from one speed to the next like in the first picture above on TYG02 discs)

Maybe has something to do with it…

I am ready to send this drive back to Newegg, but if anyone has encountered a similar problem and fixed it, I’m all ears!

:wink: That’s the risk you take when flashing with hacked firmware. Sending it back for that reason is something I :disagree: with. I’d suggest burning with different dvd media like with Verbatim Dvd+R first before you decide that the 111 bit the dust.

I disagree that flashing the firmware is the issue, the firmware was flashed 3 weeks ago, I’ve burnt ~50-100 discs since then that all scanned beautifully (Until todays burns - no change to the firmware was made today, or yesterday or anytime in the past 3 weeks for that matter)

Maybe a mid term effect of flashing the firmware is that 3 weeks later the drive fails, but if its failed theres little reason for me to believe that any type of media will make it OK… This drive will be returned.

Meh, the 111L and 111D are the same drive physically, just flash it back to a 111D and send 'er back. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty certain it can be flashed back, just don’t know what to direct you to (check the Dangerous Bros website though).

Well, since you flashed it with the hacked firmware, you shouldn’t return the drive. :disagree: Even after you flash it back to the 111D w/TDB firmware, your drive is still RPC1. So, they’ll find out you flashed it with the hacked firmware when they check your drive anyway. You don’t want to be blacklisted for not being honest.

I :iagree: with 0301orih that you should not return the drive even if it’s flashed back to the stock firmware. Burning with another brand of dvd media like Verbatim dvd+r media would be one way of making sure your 111 is ok or not. I’ve used TYG02 with my 111L drives and it produces decent quality scan scores but with Verbatim dvd+r media the quality scan scores are better. Sending back a dvd burner that you’ve obviously voided the original manufacturers warranty isn’t IMHO the right thing to do. :wink: The consumers end up paying for higher prices in the future. My 2 cents! :wink:

What you told us is:

Feb 9th I bought my new 111D [U]and immediently flashed it to a 111L[/U] - loved it until today.

That is just a bad idea.

Why do you think it is the drive?? It’s an illogical conclusion.
First test with new and other media, not the stuff you have used so far.

I am considering this thread closed. Its purpose was more to see if anyone else had experienced these issues (flashed firmware or not) and to find a solution, not to just discuss firmware flashes.

As a final note, I flashed back to the 111D firmware and theres no change, either the 111L firmware (which is based on the same hardware as the 111D) has permanently damaged the physical drive, or I received a drive 3 weeks ago that was just bad.

To conclude, if anyone is planning on flashing to the 111L firmware - even though the hardware is the same and theres plenty of discussion on this board about it (even making it sound recommended for some users) - [B]don’t[/B]. As you can see from the posts above its evidently no surprise to others that the 111L firmware destroys 111D drives, and the effects might not be seen until weeks after you flash.

@ coloradogiant,

I strongly totally disagree with you above quoted statement.

I have 3 DVR-111D flashed to DVR-111L Version 8.29 Firmware. All 3 of these DVR-111D@DVR-111L have been in daily operation for over 10 months. All 3 of these DVR-111D@DVR-111L work flawlessly.

Suggest before making such an absurd accusation that you provide well-documented information to support your unfounded erroneous conclusion.


@coloradogiant: I agree with bjkg, you can’t conclude that flashing to 111L firmware is responsible for killing your drive and I find it very unlikely to be the cause of your drive dying (if in fact it’s dead).

@drage and @bjkg :

Glad you guys joined the thread!

I[B] completely agree with you two[/B] that flashing this drive could not have possibly caused the problems I started seeing just yesterday (3 weeks after the flash occurred) - it seemed illogical and and I am convinced that flashing to 111L did not cause the problems - I just have a bad drive. To rule out my system I just hooked it up to another PC and witnessed the same problems.

However based on the feedback I received above from chef, DVD_Addict and 0301orih it seemed it was popular opinion amongst everyone else that the flash was a bad bad idea - and for the sake of ending the thread I let chef, DVD_Addict and 0301orih win and just advised anyone else to avoid flashing their drive, especially if everyone is going to get to caught up on the fact that a drive is flashed and not offer any other advice.

New Pioneer 111D is already ordered - and the first thing I’m gonna do… is flash it to a 111L :bigsmile:

… unfortunately it looks like I need to be a little more cautious in the future when I post the information that my drive is flashed to a 111L, it seems to be unpopular :frowning:

Thanks again for your feedback - its nice to see that I’m not alone in thinking flashing this drive to a 111L is a “fairly” safe thing to do and that the act of flashing it should not kill the drive a few weeks later. I was starting to question my own sanity! :stuck_out_tongue:

Crossflashing to a 111L had NOTHING to do with your drive dying, which is why I didn’t hesitate to suggest flashing it back and returning it. Crossflashing of drives is a bigger risk with some drives than others, but IMO crossflashing of this particular drive isn’t really any bigger risk to the drive than flashing it with 111D firmware. Some drives I would not so readily suggest returning as this one after a crossflash as some are riskier than others.

Nothing wrong with crossflashing the drive, it’s very commonly done without issue. And no need to make posts that don’t express your actual opinion as you apparently did in your previous post. You don’t have to agree with them, it’s up to you to return it or not. I already gave my opinion on it.

Thanks Scoobie!

I am definitely in agreement! Just started to question whether my opinion was right or not, based on all the majority of the feedback I received up until now it seemed like I was wrong with my crossflashing being OK opinion.

The suggestion I made was to use a different brand of media like Verbatim dvd+r before you decide that your drive had bit the dust. Have you thought about putting the drive in another computer to see if it does the same thing? :wink:

That is just ridiculous!

same here: 3 DVR-111Ds flashed to “L” w/o ANY problems. 1st drive is 6+ months old, the other 2 nearly 6 months. if you have tried burning different media with the same bad results then i think your drive is unfortunately one of those duds, and this can happen to any other drive/brand as well. c’est la vie… :rolleyes:

my $0.02.