111L can't erase RW Media

Hi everyone,

i bought a 111D a few weeks ago and burned only CD-R and DVD+R Media.

I flashed the drive to 111L, which was no problem and everything works fine…except when I try to burn RW Media.

If I give the drive my CD-RW disc, I’m not able to erase it. Nero is also telling me, that the type of the disc is CD-ROM, not RW. So I have to go to another PC, where a LG 4082 drive is installed, erase the disc and then burn it with the Pioneer. Where is the Problem? Same scenario if I do this with a DVD+RW…

I have no idea…except maybe the auto-bitsetting option in the Buffalo Firmware?

Bitsetting only applies to DVD+ media.

Nero is crappy for reasing RW, please try with dvdinfopro or imgburn v2.

What exact specs do these CD-RW have?

Well, I think Nero sucks ^^

I used the tool you mentioned, DVDInfoPro, which reported me correctly that I inserted a CD-RW / DVD+RW and I was also able to erase the disc.

Thanks for your help! So it’s not the Pioneer ^^

Additional information to the Media…

Octron CD-RW 700MB 4-12x

Phillips DVD+RW 4x

Which Nero version were you using? I’ve had no problems with 6.6 version with latest updates but have heard Nero 7 has many bugs and problems.

never had problem with nero erasing disc, but i solved few problem for friends where they had problem with nero 6 but mostly 7. after removing ASPI from adaptec and just leaving nero ASPI problem went away.

Nero 7.5 … and it sucks more and more.

It’s just not able to erase RW media…it is also not able to resume multisession discs.

I think I downgrade to a 6.x version…no problems there.

How can I remove the ‘Adaptec ASPI’ ?

Shouldnt it come with an uninstaller script?

Maybe download it again and run the uninstaller.