111L Buffalo v8.29

New fw for 111L from Buffalo v8.29

I upgraded mine yesterday morning from a thread here but at least this links directly to the firmware so it’ll be helpful for some.

oh very nice! All we need now is to have these modded by TDB and we are all set. I was starting to doubt whether or not we would see this update.

Add to that a new version of Ala’s great MCSE :wink:

Where is the new MCSE? Where God where??? :bigsmile:


Guess you cannot update this the regular way… so TDB if you will please :bow:

sweet, this is great news…been waiting for ages…

Okay so I have Pioneer DVR 111L with 8.26 (flashed from asus), what chages or improvements does this firmware bring about?

nicccccce :smiley: finally

You can use TDB flasher from the 8.26 firmware to flash the 8.29 firmware. Just rename
the firmware to 8.26 and delete the actual 8.26 firmware. If you run the firmware thru
MCSE make sure to change the firmware name back to what it was beforehand or it will not work. I have just flashed 2 of my 3 111L’s this way and it works fine

Budzos -

Thanks for providing the above information.

Question ->

I thought TDB patched the Firmware to make the Drive become RPC1 (Region Free). Using your outlined procedure in your above #11 posting does the Drive become RPC1 (Region Free) after flashing?


No I don’t believe so since all I did was change the name of the firmware so I could fool the flasher into recognizing it.

The FW in on TDB’s site, but they are experiencing some server issues it seems. :sad:

111L… rpc1 from The Dangerous Brothers

8.29 scans, verbatim @16x

He-he. Just did mine. See the sig! :smiley:

Can someone please attach the file here, I get an error when I try to dl it from tdb’s site.

sorry says too large…

upload it to http://rapidshare.de/