111l Bitsettings DL problem

Hello to all !
I have a 111d, crossflashed to 111L with now firmware 8.26 int.
I have strange problem wiht bitsettings of DL+ DVD.
I use it for xbox360 backup.
I know that IN TEORY Pioneer is auto bitsetting to dvd-rom all DVDL+ but i have notice that sometimes it does not work !
It leaves bitsetting to DVD+DL and xbox360 is not happy ot this !
I use clone-cd and this problem is coming with Verbatim DL+ and more frequently with EMTEC DL+, all burned at 2.4x speed.
EMTEC is recognized as RITEK D01 and sometimes is finished ok to dvd-rom, sometimes not…
I read in forum of similar problems, but find no cause/solution…
I tried also 8.29 int firmware and is the same…
Any ideas or experiences ?
Thanks a lot !

Buy ORIGINAL XBox 360 games and the problem is gone… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Nice idea, but i speak about BACKUP copies of MINE games…
So any other more tecnical suggestion ?

Ok. Can you tell me how do you make your backups to your pc?

This is not the problem, and THIS IS NOT THE question i make.
Anyway i make my backup using the Xbox360 drive itself, whit the right firmware and connected to pc. But you can check it on your own if you are so smart to make similar questions…
The problem is also for “normal” data dvdDL+, that are non marked dvd-rom and not playing on my divx reader. May be you are also interested in where i get divx fillms?
Thanks for your interest by the way, very thecnical and problem/referred.
I think that this forum is for Pioneer questions, and this is a Pioneer problem.
The same DVDDL+ used for backup with a Philips are going very well on my Xbox360, just to say…

I do not have a XBox 360… but i know it has to be modded, has to have special firmware and the people are buy Pioneers because they make great backups…

My 111L Pioneer with Buffalo 8.29 firmware always bitsets +R to DVD-Rom. The problem might be in Clone CD. Search XBox 360 forums for an answer…

By the way, where do you get your DivX movies? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Of course all backup of my dvd’s …
Thanks anyway…

karletto66 -

I have burned 50+ Verbatim DL+R (MID MKM-001) DVDs and a couple of Verbatim DL+R (MID MKM-003) DVDs and have never had a problem with my two Pioneer DVR-111D@DVR-111L v8.29 not automatically Bit Setting the Verbatim DL+R (MID MKM-001) or Verbatim DL+R (MID MKM-003) to DVD-ROM.

I question the manner in which you are Burning your Verbatim DL+R media in your Pioneer DVR-111D@DVR-111L v8.26 if you are failing to have your Verbatim DL+R media Auto Bit Set to DVD-ROM.

Exactly how are you confirming in fact that your Verbatim DL+R media Burned with your Pioneer DVR-111D@DVR-111L v8.26 is not actually Bit Set to DVD-ROM?


I read the dvd info with dvdinfopro after mastering and read dvd datas.
Usually for Xbox360 backup i use clonecd.
And in some DVDDL+, one Verbatim and more EMTEK the bitsettings is DVDDL, not dvd-rom.
With no apparent reason, all burning process seems ok !
And with a Philips master, with bitesseting enabled (this master support changing it) ALL dvddl+ of all kind and firm made are ok, dvd-rom bitsetted !
May be some problem with clonecd…but i have also tried imgburn in one case and has a similar problem…
For now i’m using for the rare Xbox360 and divx collection on DL+ the Philips master…
I’l try again to flash 8.29 and others experiment. The only problem is that DL+ dvd are so expensive to waste…
I’m only reporting the problem and asking about similar experiences…
Thanks a lot !

BC, really!

You are fooled by some drives that have proper reporting problems or even by 3rd party softwares!

BTW, if Llun hadn’t asked you that questions how you achieved to create “your backup”, I would have done it.
You on the other side, try to sneak out creepy to answer that question honestly, it is obvious to me and my opinion…

i am having the same problem i bought a dvr-111d thinking it would automatically auto bitset but when i read on dvd info or dvd identifier it reads my DL DVD+R as DL DVD+R not DVD-Roms like i want it to …i have tried flashing to a 111L but same problem not being able to bitsett to a dvd rom to burn xbox games… i am using memorex DL discs …could it be the discs that are causing the problem?..or could the programs(dvd info) jus be wrong and should i jus try burning them anyways…any help appreciated thanks.,

Recordable media cannot be DVD-ROM, ever. The mediatype CANNOT be changed, only the Booktype.

It were posted many many times here before, [B]the PIONEER burners will ALWAYS automatically bitset DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM. No one can change that.[/B]

@ Kmlzbmr,

Forum Member chef is 100% correct that Pioneer DVR-111L Automatically Book Type Bit Sets DVD +R Media to DVD-ROM. Automatically means that no user intervention is required to obtain Book Type DVD-ROM Bit Setting – the Pioneer DVR-111L Firmware [B][I]Automatically[/I][/B] Book Type Bit Sets all DVD +R Media (except +RW Media) to DVD-ROM.

Perhaps viewing posting #8 in this thread could prove to be helpful to you.

Also it should be noted that knowledgeable informed individuals avoid (do not use) Memorex Media because of the well-documented poor problematic performance of Memorex Media. As of this date/time Verbatim MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media +R DL Media is the only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results.

Best Regards,