111L back to111D...big difference!

Was not liking the scans I was getting from my pio burns when I got a BQ1620 last week, especially with MCC0RG20. I have another 111D that I am giving my nephew for a B-day present. I hooked it up and did a burn and the scan was superior. So, to get apples to apples, I down flashed to a 111D, fw 1.29. HUGE difference. But now I’m scratching my head as to WHY? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

For some reason, the first scan I already uploaded to the Blank Medea forum won’t upload again. It is here, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=210880 post #4, second scan

First scan, 111L, 6X
Second, 111D, 6X

Why are you comparing scans of two different types of media burned on your 111D/111L drive? That won’t tell you anything about any possible firmware difference!

oops PIO must mean pioneer sorry was on the thought PIO & DMA

Yeah, I goofed, but I am having troubles uploading images…I’ll post again later today or tomorrow. Got to go!

I’d much prefer 12x burning with this quality media. No complaints with my Pio 111D flashed to the 111L & 8.29 firmware.


How do you delete a message? I goofed again and I’ll I get is an edit option. Tried withing 20 seconds.

There have been several posts stating that Pioneer drives aren’t good scanners. I’m also in the camp of believers that scanning is little more than entertainment and the true burner test is how well burned media play. I’ve excellent burn results based on player compatibility with my 111L as well as going way back to my old 107D that still performs flawlessly, and I’d much rather have cross flash advantages of the 111L than be entertained by scanning.

I’ve noticed little if any difference in writing strategies between official Pioneer vs TDB/Buffalo based firmwares. I’m basing that on a limited media selection of primarily TY and MCC mids.

@bevills1 - his posted scans were done with a Benq 1620.

Sorry I missed that his posted scans were done with a Benq 1620, but my opinion on usefulness of scanning remains skeptical.