111L 8.29 badddd. Going back to 8.16 Good

I just burnt 10 DVD Video at 8x with 8.29 and BenQ media (Daxon), all the disc burnt badly. All disc got Quality score between 90-95. My DVD player has problem running all these dvds.

Curious, I flashed back to 111L 8.19, and burnt 5 disc (the same BenQ media) at 8x. Now quality scan is significantly better, between 95-97, and my DVD player has no trouble at all.

Does anyone know if 8.19 is indeed better than 8.29 ?
I think most people here use 8.19 or 8.26, right ?

I have seen this only for certain media with certain burners, in the past so what you found is entirely possible. I only use MCC and TY and I found little difference.

CD Speed “quality scores” mean nothing to me. A 90% disc with consistantly low PIE/PIF is better than a 95% or 97% disc with high PIE and high total PIF.


I agree. There are several factors that determine overall quality of a burn, although CD-DVD Speed reports the quality score based solely on PIF maximum. The quality score alone can be very misleading since it completely ignores PIF totals and all PIE and jitter info.

Isn’t cd/dvd speed 4.7 AQS supposed to fix that ?
I mean , you can get a 97 QS but you get Class 3 with AQS , right ?

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You are probably correct, but I haven’t checked out the AQS function enough to be very familiar with it yet. :o