111L 8.26 Verbatim DL readback

I’ve just burnt a DL Verbatim disc at 2.4 speed, the burn was successful but when trying to do a scan, the pioneer gets stuck at the layer change and stops reading. I tried doing a scan with my NEC drive and it looks like a really good burn, not layer change problem. Is the 111D/L not so good at reading as it is burning?

No, it is normal.

Is it normal that the Pioneer DVR-111 series drives can’t read the second layer, or is it normal that they can’t scan the second layer?

dvr-111 is just not a good drive for scanning, when I did a quality scanning from nero cdspeed, my dvr-111d worked fine until it hit the 2nd layer. it just got stuck there and suddenly PIF went so high and that really scared the shxt out of me!

Thanks for the replies guys, not just me then! :slight_smile:

It is only about the scanning capability with cd dvd speed…