111D vs 111 vs 111L

Can someone clarify something: I have a 111D crossflashed to a 111L with 8.29 firmware. In your opinion the burning quality with 8.29 firmware is the same if i use 111D, 111 or 111L or there is a “better quality” model?

Thank you. :flower:

I personally don’t think that the quality can differ drastically. Even if it were different among 111, 111D and 111L, the last, IMO, would be the winner :wink:
But there is another thing. On the manufacturing stage Pioneer Corp. can verify the quality of the production and, for example, the drives with DVD-RAM writing deffects offer to the consumers not as 111, but as 111D.
I don’t know that for sure, of course, but remembering the practice of such companies as Intel and AMD… :wink: :a

And the firmware related writing quality can only change from version to version, IMO.

No write strats were obviously changed, so the difference could only be marginal.