111D Reading/Writing Dual Layer Problem

Hey guys,

I have a wierd problem with my 111D 1.29 (official) dvd drive.

i have used imgburn and dvdinfo to double check my problem.

Basicly i have had it for 6-7 months. and i havnt burnt a DL dvd for maybe a month or so. but yesterday i went to burn one and imgburn said there wasnt enough room on the DVD. i looked into it and according to dvdinfo both DVD DL + AND - are both unchecked in the capabilities list.

I had 15 min search on this forum and then around the net but couldnt find much info on it. anyone have any suggestions? i plan on trying it in another PC in a few hours (not at home atm) and ill update with the results.

Any help appriciated!


@ rikster,

Welcome to the Forum.

Both DVD+R DL Media (DL stands for Double Layer) and DVD-R DL Media (DL stands for Dual Layer) will only hold 8.5GB of data.

From the limited amount of information you have provided in your original initial posting it appears that the amount of data you are attempting to record to your DL Media is larger than 8.5GB.


Re-install your drive by using devicemanager.

Thanks for the help. chef’s solution fixed it.

it was 7gb of data. it was as if the DL +/- capabilites had vanished. anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile: