111D problems at high speeds

I got my 111D a few days ago, and have been testing it before crossflashing to Buffalo firmware. In my testing, I’ve come across a bit of a problem. When burning media at 8X like YUDEN000T02 and MKM001, it seems to start off at 6X for the first minute and a half, then almost like it’s switching gears… will start to slow down, almost to 0, then shoots up to 8X. I tried the same thing for YUDEN000T02 @ 12X, and it’s even weirder. It does this twice. 6X for the first minute and a half, then shoots up to 8X for the next few minutes, then shoots up to 12X for the rest of the burn. I tried ProdiscF02 and it gave similar results @ 12X. To answer some hardware questions before they get asked, I’m using my Pio as secondary master, with my BenQ DW1640 as slave. Pio is running in UDMA mode 4 using an 80 wire cable. Also, at no point did the buffer levels indicate an underrun or dip significantly. Software used was Imgburn in write mode.

Is this a firmware problem, a hardware problem, or is this normal?

I’ve posted a quality scan and a TFT for the YUDEN000T02 burned at 12X.

Saucerful, it’s normal. This is probably due to laser calibration. My 111D behaviour is exactly same with any DVD media, except Verbatims. And last, please update your drive firmware to 1.29

Yes, I’ll be updating the firmware alright but it will be to 8.29, not 1.29! :iagree:

Anyway, that’s strange. I’d figure an 16X burner would be able to burn at high speeds and maintain those speeds. My BenQ can burn at 8X or 12X pretty much straight the way through for any media. So you say Verbatim media doesn’t do this for you? Which IDs? MCC 004?

It is because of the used write-strategies, especially when you burn DL at 8x!!

Will patching the firmware fix that? Or should I leave it alone since it’s optimal the way it is? :confused:

Yes :iagree:

What do yoiu want to patch? The write strategies are already optimized for specific media & speeds.
You could play around with MCSE, if you want.

Heh. Yeah, not quite at the expertise level of “playing around” yet though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered up a 50pc cakebox of MCC 004, so we’ll see how those go.