111d in external case, udma4 and firmware question

Does it uses udma4 or udma2? How can i check it? I use it with firewire connection. Nero speed 4.11 doesn’t allow me to make quality scan, why? Why there is an ext and int firmware version here http://tdb.rpc1.org/? In what do they differ? I’m a bit confused :doh:
Thanks :bow:

OMG it was only the version of nero speed! The latest support quality scan on pioneer drives. I used also for the first time nero infotool and…it tells me that system aspi installation is corrupted!!! :doh: How can i repair it?

Go here

& download “Force ASPI”

Go here:


to get an understanding of ASPI, and How to use "Force ASPI"
Load ASPI version 4.60…least problamatic with OD’s

That should help.

By the by, I use the EXT version 8.26 firmware with my 111L_8.26 drives in external Prolific USB2-1394 cases connected using 1394 with no problems.

thanks for the help, but i discovered from the adaptec aspi installer that in xp32 only 2 of the 4 files are necessary and therefore installed. I have this 2 files so everything is right :iagree: and neroinfo is wrong :disagree: .
I don’t have any problems with the pio. My only problem is that the benq dw1655 wasn’t recognized in the external enclosure, so i changed it with the pio.