111D Flashed to 111L 8.29.... How to change bitsetting?



Just wondering. I’ve read that flashing to 8.29 111L firmware allows bitsetting on the drive. When I try to change bitsetting using CDSpeed, I am not able to change anything. Is there a special program I need to be able to do this???


The crossflash you did with the buffalo firmware automatically sets the drive for bitsetting to dvdrom for single layer Dvd+R media. In other words you don’t need any special tools for bitsetting to dvdrom for Dvd+R media. Just put in your single layer Dvd+R media & burn the disc. If you want to determine whether or not the disc was booktyped to dvdrom then use Cd/Dvd Speed, Dvdinfo pro or DVDIdentifier. From those programs you can see whether or not the disc was booktyped to dvdrom. The drive is automatically set for bitsetting to dvdrom for Dual Layer Dvd+R media. :slight_smile:


A little addition to DVD_ADDICT’s post is that the automatic bitsetting applies to both DVD+R SL as well as DVD+R DL. So as long as you use +R media whether it be single or dual layer, you will get automatic bitsetting to DVD ROM for the disks that you burn.

Unlike say the BenQ 1640/1650, there are no user selectable options to manually set the bit to anything else other than DVD ROM using DVD+ media with this 111L firmware. There are some people who still confuse (not DVD_ADDICT though :stuck_out_tongue: ) the standard 111D/111 firmware that still does automatic bitsetting of DVD+R DL with that of the bitsetting of also the single layer DVD+R that is available only with the 111L series of firmwares for this model.

So as far as bitsetting is concerned, you now have everything automatic with this 111L firmware, enjoy :smiley:


Awsome guys. You are 100% correct. Book type is now DVD-ROM. I do have one more question though. How do you take riplock off on this thing? Is there a way to do it?


Use ala’s MCSE tool.


I have that, and can export the firmware file to my desktop, but what do I use to flash that firmware to the drive? DVRFlash says my drive is not valid…


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Firstly DVRFlash is incompatable with any Pioneer 111 type drive, don’t use DVRFlash here. OK here it is step by step:

  1. In a separate folder extract the 111L firmware (in this example the external 111LX829). There are two files the flasher R11FOEX2 and the firmware A0412531.829

  2. Run MCSE importing the firmware A0412531.829. Tick “increase read speed” in the read speed settings on the lower right of the screen. If you then save, MCSE saves the modified firmware as A0412531_speedpatched.829

  3. Delete the original extracted A0412531.829 and RENAME the A0412531_speedpatched.829 to A0412531.829

  4. Flash this modified firmware using the original flasher R11FOEX2. You should know how to do this since you’ve already done this once already with the original 8.29 firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy, you have now removed the rip-lock on your Pioneer 111L :smiley:


Thank you to straightflush and all who replied on this post! It was MOST helpful!


What is MCSE and how can I get it? My 111D should be arriving next week, and I want to flash it to 111L and remove the riplock also, if neither tweak is too much for a newbie to handle.


There are sticky threads anyone should read.