111d firmware 1.29 upgrade problems

I downloaded a firmware upgrade (v1.29) for my pioneer 111d in rar forn. I extracted it with winrar onto my flash drive and ran the application. The message target not found came up. Am I doing something wrong. Should I create a bootable disc? If yes, could someone tell me how to.
P.S. Is/ are there any ways to verify whether or not I have an 80 wire cable. Thanks.

To update firmware it’s sufficient to run the flasher, and let it run until completed.

Probably it’s the flash drive that cause some problems to the firmware flasher.

Try to extract files from RAR on your HDD instead. This should be sufficient to solve.

Regarding IDE cables, you can find here a very good description. It’s sufficient to watch cables to see the difference (see pictures on link I provided) :slight_smile:

Maybe you have downloaded the 111 firmware 1.29… please verify…

Go to http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/device_e/dev00001r_e.html#firmware1

Many thanks to both you guys for responding so soon. The site says that the connectors on 80 wire cables are colour coded with blue (motherboard), gray (slave) and black (master). The one that I have- its not installed- looks just like the one in the picture of the 80 wire with the exception that mine has a red connector where the blue is. Is the coding absolute or are there variations.

So did you download a 111 or a 111D firmware, as Llun asked above ?

Not absolute, just very common. The key is the thin strands in the cables as opposed to the fat 40 wire version.

Also many versions here will flash to other 111 drives. My favorite is the 8.29 for the 111L.

The firmware that I had downloaded was the for the 111d but I’ll try what geno888 said and extract it to the hdd and run it from there. Will post outcome.

Well it turns out that the one I have is actually an 80 wire. I ran the 111d firmware and it flashed the drive. Going to replace my 40 wire with the 80 one. Thanks.

then you had the wrong firmware prior…