111d can u burn ram discs with this drive?

hi. im thinking of buyin this dvd writer http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?lang=&submenu=&menu=&product_id=3320&session=1ffac4a762cefb84530f29ed4c40d522 but i want to be able to burn dvd ram can i flash the firmware on this model to be able to burn ram discs or should i jus buy the 111 that can burn ram and external enclosure?

With a crossflash it’s possible to write RAM media with pioneer 111[B]D[/B], but this invalidate warranty. If you don’t want to do this, then the only solution is to buy the 111 model (111 without the [B]D[/B])

Or to buy a LG drive, that supports RAM media by default

hi. thanx 4 quick reply. will the 111 work with this enclosure Icy Box External Enclosure IB-360UE-B-BL Firewire + USB Combo - Black/LED (HD-000-BT)
http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/HD_Accessories.html ? or is there another 1 on there that will work with it plz?

Sorry, I have not much experience with external enclosures, but you can read this very informative thread in which were done speed comparisons of some enclsures

ok thanx 4 help. can any 1 else help?

Read this: http://www.mvktech.net/content/view/3171/39/

Well, if I am not wrong you are mentioning a [B]3.5" enclosure[/B], so the 111 [B]won’t fit[/B] into it for sure…

I’m not using enclosures so I’ can’t help you about a particular model, sorry. :frowning:
Check the thread mentioned by [I]geno888[/I] above or eventually this (long) one.



That’s the point.

The enclosure is superb for all HDDs, but not suitable for ODD.

I just wanted to avoid the case where the OP directly jumps to the “[I]Final Thoughts[/I]” page (like I did at the first instance :stuck_out_tongue: ), reads “[B]Cons: N/A[/B]” and then buys the item for his 111. :bigsmile:
Sometimes being a bit more explicit doesn’t hurt. :wink:


Yeah, cheerio for “invading”. :wink: