111D Bitsetting

Could someone please detail the process of flashing to enable DVR+R. What I’ve read confuses me a bit as to which firmware and when. Also, any downsides other than voiding warranty? Thank you

What I think you need to do is use 8.19INT for the 111L & then 8.29INT for the 111L again. They are here .

Reboot each time.

Apart from the warranty there are no downsides as far as I can see.

This flashing will give you DVD-RAM writing, LabelFlash & DVD+R bitsetting.

I’ve done it as have many others here, although I went a slightly different route getting there as this one wasn’t available at the time.

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The information contained in below Web Link explains in detail the Firmware flashing procedure and provides download Links to the correct Firmware involved ->



Thanks a bunch, that’s the step by step I was needing. Don’t really give a darn about LightFlash, just the Bitsetting. Will give it a shot.

What the heck should “Lightflash” be? :rolleyes:

That’ll be a burner that’s confused about it’s identity. :smiley:

Just to let you know the cross flashing went flawlessly and works great. And, yes I meant LableFlash. (picky. picky, picky).

LightFlash??? LableFlash??? Are they Super-Heroes??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Ok, your new 111L has decided to be capable of using Labelflash. :wink:

Greetings everyone

I just both the 111D,

can i simply use DVRFlash 2.2 and the 111L_829.ZIP file to change drives firmware?

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Since when has DVRFlash DVR-111 support?

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Suggest reviewing my #3 postings in this thread, which provides detailed information on how to correctly Flash Pioneer DVR-111 based DVD Burners.


I assume that DVRFlash where compatible whit 111D. My mistake :-/

Thanks for the answer [B]BeLooken[/B]