111D 8.29 won't coexist with DW1655 BCIB?

Hello, all!

System is an Athlon 2200XP on an MSI MS-6570 mainboard (NForce 2 chipset). I am running Win2K Pro. Hard disks are SCSI via my Adaptec 2940U2W, only IDE is my BenQ DW1655 as master on the primary IDE and Pioneer 111D as master on my secondary IDE. Both drives have the 80 pin cable and IDE controller shows them both in Ultra DMA Mode. Low processor usage during DVD drive use confirms this.

Received the Pioneer 111D with 1.23, flashed with TDB 8.19D and then with TDB 8.29D INT. The 8.29D INT firmware was modified with MCSE to remove riplock. I was able to get 8.19D on there without disconnecting the BenQ drive, but when I tried to flash 8.29D it claimed “Available Target Is Not Found”. Disconnecting the BenQ and trying again fixed the problem, and the drive shows up fine after another reboot as a 111D with 8.29. Shutting down, plugging in the BenQ and booting up does not show the Pioneer drive any more in anything but the Device Manager, where it shows with the yellow “!” mark. Properties shows “The device could not start”. This didn’t happen before the flash to 8.XX. I did not try it with 8.19 though. I also had 8.29L INT on there with no problem, but I also had not run MCSE on it to remove the riplock.

Anyone run into anything like this before? I’m getting sick of rebooting! :a

Looks like its come from you flashing, maybe im wrong. I have a dvr-111 and a 1650 and im fine, one burner per ide channel, both as master.

Hmmm… Yeah, it only seems to happen with TDB 8.29D INT, but I have rebooted with just the Pio and did a test burn and it runs nicely. Forgot to mention before I have Elby CloneDrive running, I am not sure if that causes problems (it’s kind of like Alcohol 120%, mounts ISO images as a “virtual” drive). I’m going to give the Pio a shot in my mass storage FreeBSD server and see if it will work happily in there, that was the original intent anyway, it just seemed so strange it works just fine without the BenQ being there.

Like Greg my 1650 & 111L (8.29 int) are fine together & they’re both on the same IDE channel.

I have the Pioneer 111L (TDB 8,29) and BenQ DW1655 co-existing in perfect harmony on Secondary IDE Channel Master and Slave respectively. Even better they are on a Promise 068A ATA133 card. But I have no problems if I connect them to my Intel 945P motherboard secondary channel.

I’m running all Elby products (except Virtual Drive).

Try to use Microsofts default drivers (instead of NVidia).

Yeah, I had 8.29L INT on it and it worked fine in that config, it was only when I went back over to 8.29D INT that I started having problems. I don’t need the DVD-RAM and labeling stuff that L has and I was hoping for a little better write quality from the D firmware.

I can’t remember if I have the NVidia drivers on there or not.

I moved the drive over to my FreeBSD fileserver where it is making some good quality burns on poor media, so problem solved anyway I guess…