111, 111d and 111L, and firmwares... Confused!

Lately i saw that someone thinks pioneer 111d to be a better quality choice for comping dvd movies than a benq 1650 or a nec 3550 or Liteon etc…
Is this true?
In what they do differ these models above?
I meant the 111, 111d and 111l, but if someone know differences with nec and liteon…
Just need quality and reliability and a good safe burner for dvd movies, bitsetting, strategies, quality burns and quality control…

I have 10 drives and for burning quality media like TY and MCC 004 the Pioneer 111 is easily the best burner and much less picky about media variations.

The one to buy is the 111D as it can be turned into anything. For ordinary burning, the 111D can just stay as it is. If you want to use RAM media go to the 111 firmware. If you want to add bitsetting, go to the 111L. There are procedures to get to each model; if you read up you can see how. The source for firmware is here:


I like the 111L 8.26 firmware best.

I’m working on making sure I do the right flashing for my needs. The only thing I want to make sure I get after I flash my 111D is autobitsetting for +R single layer (to DVD-ROM). I don’t care about RPC1 or laserflash. Increased media compatibility would be nice, but I plan on using TY02 for some time at 8x.

Below is the list of 111D/111L firmwares from the link you posted. If I understand correctly, I should flash with the 8.26 firmware from the second group (111L). Would any of the other FW give me autobitsetting on +R with a minimum of other changes?

And… I assume I have to start with one of the FW that has TDB flasher included first, then up to 8.26.

Many thanks for your help.


Currently RPC1 firmwares based on 1.06 *, 1.19, 8.19 INT *, 8.19 EXT *, 1.23, 8.25 INT, and 8.25 EXT.

  • TDB Flasher w/Kernel


Currently RPC1 firmwares based on 8.19 INT *, 8.19 EXT *, 8.26 INT, and 8.26 EXT.

  • TDB Flasher w/Kernel

Why not use the drive to the full extent of its hardware capabilities?
And yes, u got it right. Use everything for 111L starting with 8.19 which includes TDB flasher and then 8.26.
Dont worry about labelflash. Nero wont give it away easily… :bigsmile:

Okay… thanks FidelC.


Sorry if I’m being exceptionally dum here and excuse me Vlad if I didn’t understand your previous advice…
I have a 111D that I have flashed with the official 1.23 fw from Pioneer.

I want to get to the 111L 8.26 fw…so I dld the 8.26 and thought I could just run the .exe…nope Target not found…now I see that I was supposed to flash with the 111L 8.19 fw…something to do with the kernel…sorry this is my first venture into crossflashing…and I’d like to use DVD-RAM as I just removed the old LG.
…so do I have to rename either the patch file or the exe file so that it can find the 111D or go back to the 111L 8.19 or am I completely on the wrong track…

I did look for the guide to crossflashing on the Speedlabs site but it doesn’t appear to be there anymore and not sure if I need DVRflash or what…I’m buggered…

So can someone step me though it or point me to guide for noobs…please.


You don’t need to rename any files. Just run the 8.19 executable first, select the drive, and flash away. Reboot, run the 8.26 executable, select the drive, and let it flash again.

Thanks to guidance here, I’m up and running. Bought the $39.99 Pio DVR-710 at Best Buy, which is marked 111D on the drive itself. Ordered the Plumax PM-525C2-PTB from dealsonic (they were great, narro.com gave me problems) for $52 delivered to Alaska. Put it all together and flashed via safemode and USB with 8.19 then 8.26. Infotool confirms the new FW, sees the drive as 111L, and my first burn went smooth with my TY02 +R reading as DVD-ROM booktype after the burn. :iagree:

My only complaint about the Plumax is that the fan is noisy. I’m tempted to disable it, but I’m sure that’s a bad idea. :disagree: It sure is pretty in black though.

My guess is that there is no FW that will allow quality scans for this drive, but I’ll be happy if someone tells me I’m wrong! If it doesn’t exist now, is this even possible to modify via FW?

Sorry, no reliable scanning. If you stick to TY T02 and MCC 004 though, you will never need it. You can always scan and see what you get. I seem to recall that the PIF is somewhat relevant, at least as to changes. Maybe chef or one of the other Pioneer guys can confirm this. Actually, I have some time so I will run a scan on the Pioneer and on my Liteon and you can compare them.

Thanks for the reassurance. I’m sure I will be fine with the results. But my obsessive nature cries for quality scan playtime!!

Here you go. First is Liteon and second is Pioneer, only option is 8X scanning. As you can see, the PIF are pretty consistent and the PIE are not. If you look closely though, you will see that the PIFs are mot in the same spot on both scans so I would still not consider it a reliable measurement, but others may differ.

Another point of Pioneer scans, that have to be mentioned is, that the PIF scan looks like a 1ECC scan. But it is not, as far as I know the PIO makes PIF Sum 8 scan, like BenQ do, correct me if I’m wrong. So you must compare the PIF scan of the Pioneer not with LiteOn, but with a BenQ Scan. When you do this the PIF values are far too low. Maybe it’s tuning or the NEC chip doesn’t show PIF correctly or the error correction of the Pioneer is works really so perfect ( I can’t believe) I don’t know, but you can forget Pioneer scans. If it’s the only scanner it’s better than nothing, but the scans are too indifferent.

Hi, and sorry but for I must have forgot to select istant mail advise for replies, and never had notice of your replies…
I read many places of pioneer as a very good drive and 111d as the right choice. So, I would like to ask few questions:
the 111d is the same of the 710? I am not sure what to ask for in the shop here in Argentina.
It will be my only dvd writer, so, someone suggested me that, in this case, it would have been better the benQ 1650, very good burning quality more or less equal to pioneer 111d, more scannings. Could be?
Does anybody know if a Toshiba SD-C2402 slim dvd-rom can be a good scanning device?

I just bought a Pio 710 in the US and the drive is 111D. I think the 710 model represents a standalong purchase, boxed with software. The 111D is the OEM model number that is bought for resale installed in computers.

Sir Joe,
I have tried scanning with DVD ROM drives.
The one that is in my notebook a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-831S (actually a burner) will not do it at all, and my external Samsung does it poorly… about like my NEC 3550.
I suggest that you download and install CD-DVD Speed and try it. Maybe on a pressed disk that you might have.

You had previously told me that your choices of what you can purchase in Argentina are limited. I thought of this last night after your last post: what DVD media is actually available for you to purchase in Argentina?
BTW: again, chas0039 is absolutely correct. If you feed your Pio 111 TY (my preference T02) & MCC 004, you will not have problems. And you will not have to scan.
But I will add: … unless you get a bad or fake batch.

Why is my english so poor? :sad:
Ok, first: thanks for advising about dvd-rom… I will try cd-speed with a dvd I have…
Second: Feed? Batch? ty or t02 and mcc-004? :confused:

When you say I will not need sca, you mean I can be sure there will never be errors with pioneer?

  1. I don’t know… maybe because you are from ARGENTINA, and they speak another language. But that’s OK.

Feed = use

Batch = Manufacturing Production Run

TY = discs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden

T02 = a common reference to Taiyo Yuden discs that carry the M.I.D. (media Identification code) YUDEN 000-T02

MCC = Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
MCC 004 = see T02, and you will get the idea.

Scanning: when you use (feed) really good, reliable discs (TY or MCC) that are very compatable with the burner being used, the results are 99% good.

Example: I never scan T02’s when they were burned on my Plextor 712. They are always great.

Very interesting…
I will see if here they are so sofisticated with discs…
A bad thing of here, anyway, become good lately: alwys there are old things. So, I was able to find the BenQ 1650 which is no more available anywhere… (or i cannot find it if not in sites which do not ship internationally)…
I will see, in the while, lot of thanks! :smiley:

Maybe there are a bunch of Fuji RICOH JPN R01 or Sony T02!! in Argentina.

and, if you see any Plextor 712’s, get me two.