110D to a 111D? Need help

:rolleyes: What?

You really like to kill your drives, so it seems…
Who ever would do such childish things???

This is a funny story :

I’ve had the 109 for 4 months and it was great untill it began to make CD coasters : could not perform fixation error , but only with CD-Rs , I took it back to the store , the owner is a friend of mine , he sent it back to the repair service , they sent it back after a month and said it was repaired.
I tried it and the same problem , I tried it with various media in various PCs , the same problem , so I flashed it to 110 to kill it and sent it back , they gave me the 110 instead :bigsmile:

This is how things go in Egypt , we can’t complain about a piece of hardware unless it is totally killed :a
I know it looks immoral , but they forced me to do this with such horrible return policy .

Think we understand the issue here. What firmware, exactly, do you need? Send us an email

Brother Vlad