110D read/write problem

Hi, i’m having some problem with my pioneer 110D dvd burner. It is unable to read, write, or even recognise dics whenever i try to use it. It can still open and close with no problem but if i place a a disc in and close the drive it just flashs its green light once or twice then stops.
I tried changing the position of the dvd burner with my cd burner; from slave to master, and still has the same problem, and my cd-burner still writes and reads, so its not my cables.
I’ve had this dvd burner for about 4 months now.

Thank you
PS. i have the lastest firmware.

What else should the drive do when you insert a BLANK media?
Or about what media did you talk here?

Does it run in UDMA4 mode?

It does nothing but open and close. I’ve tried every type of media: blank dvd, blank cds, music cds, dvd vidoes. They all do the same thing; just open then close and flashes the green light 2/3 times.
If i try to access teh drive via my computer with a dics in it, it says please insert disc, as it pretends nothing is in it.
I’m not sure what UDMA4 mode is.
Thank you.

When starting the computer up, the BIOS / POST info will be displayed.
Look what it says for your burner, which DMA mode.

Start up Nero CD DVD Speed or Dvdinfopro and insert a media. Then check what the drive/tool says about it.

What burning apps are installed and used?