110d ok

i got 2 weeks ago 110d to go with my 109d

works perfect (use latest version of software or else it will screw up)
nero etc…

can burn x16 /x8 /4rw (8cm) no problems using verbatium media dvd +r
(i stop using -r had problems with playback on dvd player.)

on both drives

tried ritek dvd+r 8x (ok) but disks outer edge a little rough,(dont trust media)

(i stop using other media types because (400+) disk with only one bad dvd

(i use 16x and x8 +r verbatium) ($40-55aus dollars for 50 spindle vs cheap ritek 20 for 50 ) you pay for what you get. i allowas verfy firt 5 disks from a spindle

p.s my 109 done 600+dvds

now this is new for me…

4800x2 x2 dvd burners

can rip 2 different movies -from both drives to hdd(320wd jb) with no delay 12min (full rip) no compression on both (97% cpu free on both) with compression 20% squash- 12min each movie still (cpu 80 free on both)

can burn 2 different movies (using nero /dvd decripter) x8 speed no problems
can also do the same at 16x (but with images on seperate drive hdd 1+hdd2)
no problems (cool -2 different movies at 6min approx each at the same time)

copy dvd x8 to burn x8 from 110d to 1109d no problems