110D (FW1.22) Speed Problems

Hi there!

I don’t know what’s happening with my drive but I can’t get speeds above 12X in Nero DVD Speed. I’m using an 80 pin cable, drive is set as master on primary IDE channel with ATA66 s required! I tryed with DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD Video, DVD Rom but no speed above 12X. What’s wrong? I’m getting really disapointing with this drive…

Get specific. What media? Have scans?

Verbatim 16X! Attached is an image of the bad recording quality of this drive on this media

Maybe the IDE driver.
What is the mobo chipset?

And, update Nero!

I’m using tha latest version of Nero 6.6 (and waiting for 7). My MB chipset is an NForce 3, built in Gigabyte K8NS! 512 MB RAM, Sempron 2600+, SATA Seagate hard drive… I just don’t get what’s going on, it was supposed to achieve 16X but the maximum is only 12X1 Help me please, I’m starting to feel I was cheated BY PIONEER!!!

chef, latest IDE drivers from NVIDIA, already installed but reinstalled few minutes ago and nothing!

Maybe you should try the m$ IDE drivers, the nVidia are known to be problematic with ODD. :slight_smile:

m$??? is that supposed to mean microsoft ide drivers? how can I intall them in that case?

Yes, correct. m$ == microsoft.
Dunno if the nvidia IDE drivers allow you to uninstall them via an uninstaller/windows. If not, you should try it using the Devicemanager.

once again, i bought tdk -r 8X dvd’s and i get peaks os 128 pi and 31 po!!!searching about this media-device combination on google I find pi peak ok 14 and po of 2!!! there must be something wrong woth my drive! and i uso dvdinfo pro with my pioneer writer to scan the discs!

Trouble can come from other things too, like a not 100% perfect IDE-cable, some trouble from other drives connected and last but not least different IDE drivers…

Chef, or someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe PIONEER drives are not very good at scanning.
Can you scan with a Lite-On or BENQ drive?

I read about it too but it’s the only drive available for that… or pioneer or my asus e616 dvd-rom or my lg 4040B (the old one…)…

cables are ok, I tried with 2 diferent and the same! should I use round cables?do they improve performance or something?

and drives connected I only have dvd-rom master in the secondary channel… everything seems fine, then what’s wrong?i’ll try windows ide drivers and let u know soon!

thanks a lot for the help 'till now!

hi guys

now with windows ide drivers, the same problem, only 12X max speed and 37MB/s when it was supposed to achive 66 (ATA66 am I right?)…

12x is more than enough for DL.

Exactly, Pioneer burners never were recommended for scanning.
Using DVDInfoPro you could make some useable scannings, but never useful ones with Nero CD DVD Speed…

(Burners from) LiteOn, Benq, Plextor are recommended.

but it happens too in SL!that’s my question. I could never achive 16X burning speed!is that the reason why I bought this drive? and apart from quality I’m really worried about this speed question, should I send the drive for pioneer assistence or not?

Do whatever it takes you to get over this temper tantrum. Good luck communicating with PIONEER.

I think it’s not the drive, but anyway.