110D error with CMC MAG AE1


I have 10x50pack of philips DVD-R code MAG AE1 , pioneer firmware 1.41 but when i burn a media its messange error in write lead in and i lose the media…

10 media i lost …in my NEC3500 burn perfect…

i try to change the firmware for the 1.22 ,1.39 and continues lost the media

anyone help…

Crap media!

And if it fails at LEAD-IN, the media most likely is not lost.

After the error the media dont burn, with NEC,


This midia its not crap, many times i burn with my old Pioneer 108D, NEC3500 and all ok

Can you do a NERO CD/DVD Tool scan of the discs? Would show the condition/quality of the media…

This media is crap…

Scan the burned ones for quality.

omg…i was having the exact same error msg tonight…and i finally realized the idiot that i was being for the last 4 hours…i created an image file and was constantly receiving “write lead-in error” when i tried to burn the image…even though it worked perfectly last night and every night before that.

Let me just say…it’s not ur dvd or the software…for me it was alot easier than that…simply put i was making a CD image of a disk and then trying to burn it on a DVD. MAKE SURE THE IMAGE is of a CD and use a blank CD…or if the image is of a DVD, use a blank DVD and don’t mix the 2…after i figured that out…it worked fine.

110 is no good with CMC .
I’ve had a realy bad problem with mine even at reading CMC MAG E01 , always : unrecoverable read error while my other Benq 1640 gives the same disc 98 QS :bigsmile:

@chef :

Why do you [B]always[/B] call CMC , crap ? :stuck_out_tongue:

That CMC MAG [B]E01[/B] is known as crappy media with most of all burners…

Good stuff is eg. CMC MAG M01. :wink:

By “crappy” , do you mean “consistancy” ?
Because I have some E01 that are still scan great after more than a year and even better than Verbatim Prodiscs and TYG03 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to try M01 though :slight_smile:

I have to disagree. Both my BenQ and Lite-On drives [and my friend’s] handle them very well [PIE max under 10, PIF 2 or under] and they have remained stable, with no visible degradation after 13 months. These are sold under Imation and Shintaro brand names. Now CMC MAG AE1 is a different matter :wink:

I bought a Pioneer DVR-111D yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: and burned a test CMC MAG AE1 disc. The resultant scan came out looking like rubbish. The Lite-On, BenQ and LG have all burned them with far fewer PIEs and PIFs.

This lends further credibility to the theory that Pioneer snubs CMC media.

Now, Cheffy…I still have some (Imation branded) E01 that scan OK after two years :slight_smile:

As for M01, I have some but haven’t tried enough of it yet :slight_smile:

Edit: AE1, as in the original post, I haven’t tried. My Pio 110D was kinda OK with E01…a bit hit-or-miss.

Yes, actually it should be AE1 that I’ve meant… ehrm.
I have no personbal experience with E01 so far. M01 are great here.

AE1 is sold by so many companies now that the result/product is no surprise…