110D burns @ 2.5 MAX?


My problem is that my DVD drive operates at a disgustingly low speed. Takes about 40 mins to rip a movie, and also about that to write one to single-layer media. DMA is enabled, and I think most of the problem can be attributed to it being an internal drive in an external enclosure, connected with USB 2.0, to a USB 2.0 adapter (non-powered) in the slot in my laptop.

But really, is even 4x too much to ask from this setup?? Any help aside from “go buy a new computer” is greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly and here’s some of my specs

Compaq Presario 2190US
Pioneer 110D with latest firmware
Sony (TY) DVD+R is the media
700something MB ram
2.4 Ghz Celeron (:slight_smile:

Thanks again fellas :clap:

Cardbus USB2.0 adapters and 16x DVD burners don’t get along very well.

Try updating the chipset for the external enclosure. You also want to verify that the dvd drive is in UDMA 4 mode. Latest firmware for the drive is 1.37

Any chance you could tell me how I would verify the UDMA 4 mode? I’m running XP Pro

In the device manager, look under ‘ide atapi controllers’ then look at the secondary ide controller, then advanced setting.

thanks gentleman i got fed up so i bought a new computer