110D burn-proof strange behaviour




In past week-end I’ve done some tests on Pioneer 110D, particularly I found a strange behaviour in burning DVDs (Verbatim 8x). Using Alcohol or Nero the drive led during burning switched on and off more than ten times. With my previous burner, the 107D, often the result of such a behaviour was an unreadable DVD. As you can see by the attached picture (4x case), the software internal buffer is always full, but the writing speed has some low spikes (even at 6x). I’ve tried also to burn a 4x DVD-RW without buffer underrun protection and in this case the speed is constant at 4x. Is this normal?



Yes. The burner has WOPC to burn with best quality.


Thanks chef,

I’ve read some posts about WOPC, but as far as I understood it is not possible to disable it in Pioneer burners. Am I right?




As you can see disabling BURNproof also disables WOPC.