1105hc Vs. 5005x?

They are both the same price at my local store.
Which one is better?

As far as I have researched…they have the same features…

No they don’t. The 5005x is the better machine. It can be changed to a ILO with copy protection removed for most things if needed and then changed back to the 5005x. I have 2 5005x machines and I like them better than the 1115 Lite-On.

Let me give you an example; I like the Rifleman and it is on ENC Western every night at 7:00. One night I was going away so I set the timer on the on the 1115 to record it. When I came home to watch it it didn’t record. The next night I was home so I set both machines to record and to my surprise the 1115 said copy protected content and the 5005x recorded it fine.

If you are going to buy a Lite-On stay with the 5005 series. It is not as sencative to copy protection as the newer ones.

Hope this helped you out some.

I agree with DR. PAUL