1100A have a problem with 1300a firmware

Hi all,
I have flash the NEC1300A firmware to 1100A. All looking fine & XP can recognize the driver & 1100A now can read the Blank
DVD-R disc, but when I start burn some data a DVD-R, nero
come out a error box & said it is “Illegal Medium”…no luck…
Maybe need to hardware hack to 1100A…:eek:


have you tried other burning packages?

Yeah. Hardware mod is probably necessary.


What media did you burn with it?

They say that current version of NEC1300A does not like some kind of medias like Princo 4x, NANYA, etc.

If you tried to burn one of them, below link will help you.


Good Luck!!

thx help…I will try other DVD-R disc…:bigsmile:

You can try whatever media you want, but -R(W) will not work without a hardware mod. (As dhc014 already posted before) :wink: