110 and Sony D21 burnt@16X!


I just recieved two spindles of Sony MIJ 16X DVD+R discs and burnt the first disc @16X the rated speed of the media . I got this :a :

The transfer rate is :

While I know that Pioneer 110 is not a good scanner , I just got this with Sony 8X DVD+R MIT media burnt@8X:

Why is that ?
What should I do ?

What is with that first one? No date, no label??

Also, burn them at 12x.

I noticed the ‘no label’ ‘no date’ thing , is it a must that they appear ?

I mean , I already wrote a label .

I also burnt @12x and it is no better , it always has alot of spikes around the 2.2 GB mark , it was very good first .

I just burnt the last disc I have from LG CMC MAGE01 8X DVD+R @ 8X :

What is wrong here ?

Try scanning the same disk with a Lite-On or a Benq. Pioneer drives aren’t famous for their scanning capabilities :). For example i got 300-400 PIE on a TTH02 in Pio and max 30 on a Lite-On.

Unfortunately , I only have the Pio , but I will get a Sony 810A (Benq 1640) next week , we are busy for Easter in Egypt :slight_smile:

I just want to ask , could this horrible scan on the Pioneer be totally different and actually a good scan on the Benq ?

What about the other good scans of the Pio ?

Check this out:

In some cases the PIE on Pio drives are 10x higher than on Lite-On or Benq.

The problem is with the PIF here :frowning: