11 year newbie

I´ve been using computers since 1995 but I still don´t understand what I´m doing—But I´m having fun. This a great multitool!
Right now I want to understand how to burn playable cds from Nero. When I´m satisfied with my ability to do this ( like a rack full of cds) then I want to learn how to burn a playable DVD, also from Nero, wither it´s an avi file or an mpg file. Stil later I´d like to understand what to do with iso files so I can play them .

Will someone please refer me to some sources of instruction or take the time to help me?

Please go to the nero site and read/download the guides there.

Audio CD’s :slight_smile:
Start up nero -> Audio CD compilation.
Drag and drop an songs that you want onto it. Nero supports alot :wink:
MP3’s, audio CD tracks, wma’s (unprotected), wavs & miscellaneous.
Then just burn your Audio CD at 16x-24x (this is to reduce jitter which you can look up). You can fit 74 or 80 minutes of audio on an Audio CD, regardless of their size. Most CDR’s are now 80minutes :wink:

DVD’s are a bit different.
DVD’s must use a specific video format, which requires some beefy processing.
However, nero recode should get you started, albeit it might take awhile.
If you feel like getting adventurous, or nero recode doesn’t behave, you can also use other programs AVI2DVD (free) & DVDsanta ($$$).

The biggest Newbie mistake is to buy cheap discs. Cheap discs are cheap for a very good reason, and when you find out why, it turns out that they are actually quite expensive.
I find that using cheap disks is ok for anything unimportant that is required to last only a week and will only be used on a PC. Anything required for any longer or for any other reason, buy Taiyo Yuden or Mitsibushi / Verbatim DLP/Pastels (but not the plain datalife).
With TY’s & Verbs you can guarantee that you won’t have compatibility problems with standalone players too :wink:

Cheap & nasty discs’s have:
a) Poor burn quality and hence slow playability, or in standalones, video playback becomes choppy, or pixellated (those funky squares).
b) Degrade in a very short term.
c) A high failure rate … usually because of a), but occasionally serious Dye defects, or other nasty issues.

Some guides for you. I’d use a program other than Nero to convert avis and mpg. Nero can do it but it’s really slow. If you don’t mind waiting and you want to create menus and chapters, go for it. If you want simple and fast try VSO divxtodvd. It will work with avis and mpgs.

Seems to have worked very nicely, with Nero Express. I hopev I can repeat my successful attempt again. I´m going to write out each step of what I did.

Thank you very very much!

I think my ignorance is too great to try an alternative to what I´ve done successfully. If something doesn´t go rught its a definiteenticement to panic.

Thanks for your replies