11 nation crackdown on Internet piracy - Operation Site Down

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Today, the Department of Justice (DoJ) announced a huge crackdown on 11 nations, with computer raids in United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10509-11-nation-crackdown-on-Internet-piracy---Operation-Site-Down.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10509-11-nation-crackdown-on-Internet-piracy---Operation-Site-Down.html)

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Shit… Thats some of the biggest groups in the scene. Undercover FBI agnets posing as site-ops was soething I only ever heard of in “The Scene”, I didnt think it was such a reality. Shocked…

holy crap, those are MAJOR release groups, Hoodlum, Vengeance, Centropy, tda and tun are all big release groups. hope it dosent affect access to the great content they provide. long live leaking movies, games, appz to the net!

bout damn time they got the biggies instead of the home users. Hope they stick-it to them.

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Fighting piracy is like fighting drugs. You will never get rid of it no matter what. There were Deviance and Fairlight and it was replaced by Hoodlum, Reloaded, TDA, Vengeance…etc etc… See what I mean ? Stamp one out and two more take its place.

I don’t know why poeple are downloading new or old movies for that matter. Fisrt of all it takes a few houres to download a movie then the quality is bad and then watch it on computer screen. I personally don’t waste my time downloading any movies, if a movie is very good I watch it in cinema otherwise I wait till it comes out on DVD then rent it . That way we really enjoy movies. These groups like Hoodlum, TDA and etc should have stuck to games and softawre, because I personnaly think pc games and other ones are very overpriced and expensive. It’s so much better to watch a movie like Star wars in Cinema or dvd, then downloading it and watching it.

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wow man i mean wow 11 nations cooperated to bust down some pirates who share some movies and games is it me or did they forgot the drug leaders,the children pornographers,the flesh slavery,the terrorists (forgot we have bush for that),the murderers and the rapists? but i guess if the big ones lose their money (do they?) then thats priority no 1. welcome to the human race

Bin Laden is the head of a release group…GO GET HIM,FEDS!!!:B

Like it’s gonna change anything. Ten minutes after the dust settles, the scene will rise again. They wanna crack down on people doing it for cash? Fair game. They wanna crack down on sharers? Keep trying, suckers… Mind you, when it’s governments involved it’s OUR taxc dollars at play. Maybe we should have a say in that at the polls.

Let’s think about this… MPAA/RIAA, et al are big businesses and the Feds fight for them severely. If ever a business were to profit from less terroists, less kiddie pr0nos, less drugs… oh wait, realyy aren’t any (except the airlines who owe the feds, so feds wont help them)… damn feds are like money grubbing lil h0’s

Wow they really when all out on this one. It’s nice to see how big of an influence the US government has over those other countries. Even thought they did all this its not going to stop more groups are going to come out and start doing the same thing.

Yup…seems like GWB & his dollar hungry wolfpack gets their way…make sure you are not considered a threat to their revenues and you can pretty much get away with anything…this stinks soo much:r

Actually this sting operation is atypical of the FBI using standard RICO anti mafia crime tatics! In some ways it could be said some of their tatics are not exactly ethically legal.

btw http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4642373.stm so that means that soon we have to say farewell to piratebay… :c

I just can’t wait to see what historians have made of this period in another 20 to 50 years. You have a whole nation ready to bust at the seams over governmental invasions, total ingnorance and denial of internal issues that are wrecking a country, congress fighting over who ought to be a judge, gevernment being controlled by big business, millions without healthcare, an unmanagable war, a stock market so fucked up it has nowhere to crash. And we have some ex congressman’s organization hearding hundreds of FBI agents all over the world to chase pirates as if there is nothing else going on that could be a higher priority for these people. Whats worse is millions of Americans sit on their butts watching this go on like a bunch of sheep. When are poeple going to stand up, start callin, start writing letters, start putting the heat on and saying ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP? When are people going to realize that they don’t have to support these organizations? This is history in the making and I am going to be ashamed to see my great grandkids reading about it.