*11 firmwares and KProbe scans

I attach two scannings of KProbe of the same disk (Taiyo Yuden -R 4x). The first made with a 411S and firmware FS0G (but also with the FS0F it was very similar), the second with a 811S and firmware HS0P (but also with the HS0K it was very similar).
With the 811S the values of PI are around three greater times, while the values of PO are practically similar.
This confirmation how much says more times OC-Freak that the firmwares of the 811S damage very different values from those of 411S (particularly with the firmware FS07 used by OC for the reviews).

…and this is the second scan.
The disc was written with a 411S and firmware FS0F.

OC-Freak, if you read this page I take advantage to ask you of it if you have some “rumors” (from LiteON) on the new firmwares for *11S.

There is no plans for new 401/411/811/451/851 firmwares in the near future according to my information.