11/14-11/20 50 pk DVD+/-R $15, 60 gig HDD $40, 120 $60

Office Max has the SpinX 50 pack + or - 4x DVDs for $ 15 (while supplies last) this week. I’ve tried the 10 packs. All the - I got were Moser Baer (Made in India gives them away) and the + were Prodisc (Taiwan). I got incredible results (Best I’ve had with -) in both NEC 2500 and Liteon 411@811. The Prodisc + weren’t quite as impressive but still passable with PI max right around 100. No coasters yet with either. I hope the spindles are the same media.

They also have a WD 120 gig/7200RPM/8MB cache HDD for $ 59.99 after OM $ 30 and WD $ 30 mail in rebates.

As mentioned in another thread, Best Buy has Fuji 50pk DVD + or - for $ 19.99 - my local store had both made in Japan and they looked like TY wrappers.

Staples has a Maxtor 60 gig 7200RPM HDD (model L01J060G) for $ 39.99 with no rebate. Specs (if you look it up from the main page under technology/drives&storage/hard drives/internal) say it’s a 2MB cache. If ordering online, there’s a coupon code. In the store, the coupon is usually automatic. Ad page shows it as DMA-133, specs on the product page say 100MB/sec.