[11/06] NEC ND-4551A v1-85 *New firmware

Sorry for wrong link, here is the right one.
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OK, booktyped as we can see. Thanks RickDriver.

will liggy and dee release firmware based on this?

I don’t believe you are going to see any new firmware from liggy and dee for these drives.

but is this firmware the best for nec nd-4551? Best quality? Better than liggy’s and dee’s 1-x3?

Hopefully someone else can answer that question for you. I haven’t done enough testing on the drive to determine which firmware is the best. Like I said before, I don’t really like my drive. It has never been able to burn -R media well. Although crossflashing it did improve it slightly. At first I thought maybe I had a bad drive, but after sending back the first one to NewEgg (a drive that was never crosslflashed) and not seeing much of an improvement with the second one, I just gave up. I mainly use the drive for transfer rate tests.

any long-term results by now? Is this firmware considered better than the previous versions?

There’s no the best firmware.
I’m currently using 1X3 for corsflashed 4551 (from 4550) and its working good.