[11/06] NEC ND-4551A v1-85 *New firmware

Writer: _NEC DVD_RW ND-4551A FW: 1-85 :smiley:

Date : 28-03-2006

CD-R : 1.02g
CD-RW : 1.06
DVD-R : 1.04g
DVD-RW : 1.12g
DVD+R : 1.06m
DVD+RW : 1.13g
DVD+R DL : 1.04m
DVD-R DL : 1.03g
DVD-RAM : 1.15m


Thanks for the news yangxi.

and question: this is official firmware from nec ??

no. dump out bin file from my drive.

*note: at own risk. ^.^


Hmm,the credit goes to Lips(lowyat.net forum) as she is the owner of that firmware.Recently,I bought the drive from her and dump it out for yangxi.

I’ve uploaded the bin file to rapidshare.de for sharing purpose. The bin file came from NEC and still have not release yet.

HAPPY BURNING!!! :bigsmile:


Overall supported media types: 670

DVD+R9 supported media types: 12
DVD+R supported media types: 169
DVD+RW supported media types: 29
DVD-R9 supported media types: 3
DVD-R supported media types: 401
DVD-RW supported media types: 43
DVD-RAM supported media types: 13


Overall supported media types: 689

DVD+R9 supported media types: 15
DVD+R supported media types: 172
DVD+RW supported media types: 30
DVD-R9 supported media types: 4
DVD-R supported media types: 408
DVD-RW supported media types: 45
DVD-RAM supported media types: 15

Anyone tested it until now?

Almost forgot to mention that RPC1 version of this firmware is available too now.

thank’s very much

Is it the original firmware? Not OEM firmware? :eek:

Not sure about the .8 firmwares. They seem to be on drives that come directly from NEC. But they’re probably not supported the same way as .0 firmwares

Anyone knows if this firmware has bitsetting for DVD+R? Thanks.

think it only has bitsetting for +r dl

Yes, it does.

Are you sure about that? I would very much doubt that a non-OEM firmware has DVD+R bitsetting. Also Liggy’s page says that this FW only bitsetts DVD+R DL, [B]not[/B] DVD+R or DVD+RW. Also as far as I know, other than several moded firmwares, only IOdata / MadDog firmwares do DVD+R bitsetting!

If it turns that it really does DVD+R bitsetting, that would be a very nice development…

I see from your signature that you’re currently using this FW… What’s the writing quality like with this firmware? Would it be possible to post some quality scans? I’m sure quite a few people will appreciate it, as we haven’t seen any results yet for this FW …


I can post some scans later. But keep in mind, my drive is a 3550 crossflashed to a 4551. Also, I have never been very pleased with the writing quality of this drive, which is why i crossflashed.

I’ll try it on a REAL 4551, later tonight. :wink:

Plextor branded TY T02 (TG001125) @ 12x. I’m not sure what the problem is with the Benq scan.

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