10x Burn - MEI-RA1-001 vs MEI-T02-001

Write Speed: 10x (Pioneer BDR-206)

  • Perform OPC before write : On
  • BD-R verify not required : On
    Read Speed: 6x (Lite-On iHBS-312)
    Media :
  1. MEI-RA1-001 (6x non-50 years LM-BRS2MWE25)
  2. MEI-T02-001 (4x LM-BRS25LT50)

No prize for guessing which one costs twice as much as the other.

Hi Mariner8611,

What did you pay US$ per disc for these Panasonic MEI-RA1-001 & MEI-T02-001 BD-R SLs?


They cost around $2/$1 when I got them. Here are the links:



You may be able to find the ones with 50 Years Archive Life logo from European suppliers.

The 4x LM-BRS2LWE25 appears to be the ones tested in the French BD-R study.

would like to see the scan

[QUOTE=umass1966;2693740]would like to see the scan[/QUOTE]

Which one?

Scans of European 4x LM-BRS2LWE10 are available at the Imgburn forum courtesy of Lightning UK.

If lack of “50 Years Archive Life” is not a concern, the highly versatile Japanese 4x LM-BRS25LT50 offers great value.

Here’s a 10x burn of LM-BRS25LT50 by Pioneer BDR-s08J-BK.

It seems the 212/5300s is able to control the rise in error beginning at 11GB better than the LB950SA/112.

Lite-On iHBS212/Sony 5300s

Plextor PX-LB950SA/Lite-On iHBS112-29

Here’s a 10x burn of LM-BRS2MWE25 by Pioneer BDR-s08J-BK. Although rated at 12x max, s08 capped the burn speed at 10x.

It seems error starts to creep up when burn speed goes above 8x.