10GB went missing

I was extracting a .rar file that was about 183 MB, it must of been extremely compressed or something went wrong. About half way through my computer warns me of low disk space, I had over 10GB left when i started and it was now at 300MB.

So I canceled the extraction at the half way point, only I didn’t get the space back, didn’ t get anything back really. The folder WinRar was extracting to had two pictures in it, deleted those and the folder.

Did a search that turned up nothing, defraged the drive, error checked it all that gave me back about 100MB.

So what happened? there some 10GB folder hidden somewhere?

Look in the Temp folder sometimes windows hides stuff in there. :iagree:

Do a search for files over 2 GB and track them down

I think this has to do with windows reserving space for itself. I don’t remember how to recover it though :doh:

Checked the temp folder C:\Windows\Temp that one right? or there some other one? nothing.

Did a search and nothing out of the usual turned up.

Did you check the box under Explorer/Tools to view Hidden Files ?

[QUOTE=Ultron;2484808]Checked the temp folder C:\Windows\Temp that one right? or there some other one? .[/QUOTE]This is not the only one since each user has its own temp directory.
Click “Run”, then type “%temp%” (without the quotes), hit Enter.


I don’t know what happened, checked my disc space and it was sitting at 300MB or so, went and watched a movie, and now i have 43GB free. Delayed response to something? I just hope I’m not back here in a few days after finding out some of my stuff went missing.