10CDRWs not burning full speed

So I have setup a duplication box for legal purpose of making cds for local artists. This is so they can mass produce demos to sell on their own.
Just wanted to make that clear before someone yells pirate. Onto the pics…

The problem is this won’t burn at 10 cds every 2 mins instead its about 10 cds every 13minutes. I can’t figure it out… Do i have to use scsi? I’m using Disc juggler to burn. Nero works also but get a bit slower burn speeds.

I’m at a loss here letme know :-/

10 lite on 52x burners
amdx2 3800
1 gig of ram pc3200
raptor 74gig 10krpm drive
80gig seagate 3.0gb/s
2 siig ide controllers
audiophile 192 - for recording

if I left anything out let me know----------

HOW are they set up?

The controller config surely counts here the most.

2 siig controllers = IDE ata133

so 6 devices onthe controllers
4 onboard

Did this just happen or was it always the case…issues?

i’mconfused by your reply

the case is fine… everything is hooked up it just doesn’t burn at full speed

if you check it …10 13 mins = 10x 12x speeds oneach drive insteadof 52x which would yield around 2-3mins

What types of media are your blanks? I notice you put 10CDRWs in your title. If they are the -RW types, then this is why…RWs are slower to burn. Try some CD-R type media rated at 52x.


There are RW type discs that you can re-record (magneto-optical technology), but these are many times more expensive and have slower reading/writing speeds, and don’t retain data as well as the regular CD-R and DVDR.

i’mnot using RW’s to burn just the drives are cd-rw drives

i’m using cd-rs rated at 52x

the drives can burn on their own at 52x but when I make a big cluster and burn I’mnot getting full 52x speed

If the hardware checks out okay then try two sets of 10 disks of different brands rated at the highest speed you can find. I think you’ll find you’re being constricted by the media you are using.

You never will burn CD-R at 52x unless they are excellent ones like Verbatim pastels…

And you never will burn AUDIO CDs / CDDA at such high speeds and get reliable and acceptable results. Never ever.

I agree 100%. The media must be top shelf quality and the maximum burn speed will always be below the rating, anyway. And chef is right about high speed wrecking the quality of an audio burn. Spare a few more minutes and the burns will be more accurate.

Thanks for the flowers, Stroppy!

Also TY media should be top notch.
Especially for AudioCD you should stick to high-quality media.

I have no other idea what could be done…

the cds i’m using will burn on a single drive at 52x

the drives and the media are fine I dont’ know why when I try to burn 10 at a time it takes 13 mins

the media and drives are capable of the speed

I have tested this by burning using 1 drive… takes 2 mins why not spread that acrossed 10 ? the bandwidth is there

Test your Ram and processor. Then test the ide lines…these are the only things left that might influence the burns as you describe, apart from wonky media.
Get Memtest freeware here:
Get processor test freeware here:

Tylerman Is your OS and the music you are trying to burn on the same HD? They should be on different HD’s and I don’t think with 10 drives you will be able to burn as fast as with 1 drive. IF you had your HD’s set up on Raid and one Raid running of your OS and one for the music you are burning might be of some help and burn faster but still I don’t think you will ever get 2 min burns.

Hmm…never thought of that, Coathi…well done! :wink:

It’s not your media, HD, OS, memory or any thing previously mentioned. IDE controllers, like your SIIG are not designed to do what you want to do.
Your data bus is saturated and not capable of providing data to 10 CD’s a the same time. What you need is a dedicated card like this ACARD

I could be wrong, but I’m not. /.

pipemanid NO you are not wrong you are spot on !!! the setup he is using can’t supply enough data for all 10 burners to burn as fast a 1 burner. That’s exactly what he needs. Well done pipemanid.

To achieve what you seek to achieve I would build up a SCSCI CD-RW burner farm with appropriate controllers and harddisks.

But you surely want use IDE/PATA, so a good idea would be to build a good RAID-harddisk setup which could provide the necessary amount of data through the bottleneck called data-bus.

Thank you thank you thank you I am going to purchase this and have another shot at producing cds a bit faster

258 is worth it if i’m saving time :smiley:

Be sure and check back in and let us know how things went.

Minds are like parachutes… they work best when open. /.