109D reading problems


My 109D is having issues reading discs the last month or so.

I’ll burn a disc, (movie/xbx/p52), and it’ll burn fine, but then when I put the disc back in the same drive. It can’t read the disc at all. The firmware is the newest with all rip speeds unlocked…

DVD Decrypter gives an ‘incopatible medium’ error.
Other programs can’t read it either, (nero, Alcohol)

Heck, I’ll leave the disc in after burning, change a setting to ‘read’ and get the error.

Yet, I’ll put the disc in the 104 right below and it can read the disc.

Seems odd that I can burn yet not read.

Any help would be appreciated and if you need to know any other info let me know.

I’m getting the 109 this week, so if I can’t fix this I’ll keep the 104 and maybe sell the 107…
This has happened with at least 3 different media, (

So it’s obvious that it can’t be a DVR-109!

Unless NIL is superfast and right in the day that pionner releases a new firmware is able to release an “update” on the firmware… :D:D:D

Holy crap, I got WAAAY to ahead of myself and just f*d up bascaiily…


Can I edit the thread title somehow…