109d and Lightscribe

Can my pioneer 109d support Lightscribe? do I have to do a firmware upgrade and what software do I need? I hear Nero cover design can do it.

No, and will never.

so what is the difference between a normal burner it must be a physical difference,
suppose a old lg cd buner would do it I highly doubt it though

would a LGE DVD R/RW RL-01A do it?

I’m not that deep into this, but if it wouldn’t require a specific hardware then someone would have to write some code into the actual firmware…
But I doubt it’s only by software/firmware. (IMHO)
Same counts for labelflash.

As far as I know it requires special hardware.

Philips, BenQ and HP have a few lightscribe capable models, you can even find some of these lightscribe capable drives reviewed here at cdfreaks.com :wink: