109 - XP Blue screen Error


Ok got a Pioneer 109 a few weeks back it had some issues playing dvd’s so i just brought a new 80way IDE cable (had a 40way before) and now it plays DVD’s fine and all that. Ive just tried to burn a DVD i made with Nero and i got a blue error screen up. A few mins ago i tried to make a SVCD same thing

The error looked like the following:

WTF is going on grrr anyone HELP ?


those screenshots basicly means hmm nothing it can be caused by alot of reasons
goto c:\windows\minidump zip/rar all the files and upload to www.mytempdir.com
those are bluescreen logs which contain more detailed info

is your cpu overclocked? if so unoverclock it
are you using the standard microsoft ide driver or nvidia/via driver?

do you have the latest nero if not get it
if it wont help or if you alredy have that version then uninstall all other burning software it might do the trick if it wont then remove the lower/upper filters from the registry as described in this article http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;[LN];314060

I doubt very much that a burning device could be the culprit for a BSOD (“blue screen of death”). Most probably some other harwdare in your machine, first ones to check when these things happen are CPU (as Phil mentions if you overclock, try using your CPU @ its rated speed), graphic card and memory.

“Ive just tried to burn a DVD i made with Nero” - ?? :confused:

IRQ trouble, I think.
I just saw that BSOD with that msg once, using w2003 server (i avoid xp, btw).


Ok i restarted XP after the last BSOD and well i went to c:\windows\minidump and i only have to files in their at the moment which are - Mini082105-01.dmp and Mini082105-02.dmp no .zip or .rar files.

I uploaded both heres Mini082105-01.dmp - http://sr1.mytempdir.com/126134
and heres Mini082105-02.dmp - http://sr1.mytempdir.com/126138

Nope my system isnt overclocked i dont even know how to do it lol. Ive had my PC for years now never had this issue before though. Im not sure which IDE driver i have how do i check ?

Ive got Nero at the moment so i’ll have to upgrade. Ive never had any other burning software before except Nero.

My system is: AMD Athlon 1.2ghz, Nvida 5200 PCI 128mb Card and i have 632mb SD-RAM

unfortunatly there isnt enough info on those logs to determine the trouble maker,i didnt say there will be rar/zip files there i said to zip/rar the files that are there which is a diffrent thing,as for the ide driver run nero infotool goto “configuration” tab and left click any ide channel and look down under “driver information” if its not microsoft then right click “my computer” and click “properties” goto hardware>>device manager expand “ide/atapi controllers” right click each ide channel and click “uninstall” when done restart and then windows should use the regular ms driver have another look at nero infotool after the restart

anyway if latest nero & removing all other burning softwares & removing lower/upper filters wont resolve the problem then check the hardware

a) see if the motherboard have bad capacitors here some examples
if thats the case just take it to some electronics repair shop to have the bad capacitors replaced, capacitors are cheap and the motherboard will likely work just fine after replacing em

b) power supply voltages & cpu temperature, get speedfan
http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php take a screenshot
and use “manage attachments” button while doing the reply

c) ram ,get memtest86+
cd version burn it as image: http://www.memtest.org/download/1.60/memtest86+-1.60.iso.zip
floppy version:
suposally bad ram adressees will be displayed in a red background
memtest runs constantly until you restart i suggest youll give it at least 7 passes

reasons for ram errors:
a) overclock ,when doing overclock ram speed goes up aswell as the cpu
so the ram may reach its limit or at least limit along with the current voltage

b) bios incompatbility with that specific ram,bios updating will resolve that
check bios version history on your motherboard manufacturer site to see if thats the case

c) ram timings too low ,set em higher but its better to use spd,if ram timing is set to spd bios will read & use the default manufacturer suggested timings from the ram module,of course recheck with memtest after each change

d) ram voltage defined too low , put it higher every time a bit more and recheck with memtest after each change,upto 2.8V is just fine above that it might toast it at least if your ram aint supporting a higher voltage

e) psu 3.3v voltage too low

f) motherboard incompatbility,check motherboard/ram manufacturer sites to know if that ram

g) ram plain bad but that isnt very common

Are you running off a PCI card? Not the best plan for a 109! Also make sure your 109 is the master on the secondary IDE!

Ditto on use only one program to burn and play! Do not install incd in nero at any cost. Bad program. Also SonicmyDVD has a similar program that is like INCD that must be removed!

INCD will cause a blue screen

Are you adding to a disk? Your info says Burn a disk made with Nero???

Also DLA is a Packet-Writing prog…

I personally AVOID all of them for good reason. :wink:

My Pioneer 109 drive is set on my IDE cable as secondary master. I recently installed a 80way IDE cable because i had a 40way before which was causing issues playing DVD’s.

The only burning programme ive got and have had is Nero Burning Rom. All i done is got Nero VisionExpress and made a DVD with some music files + a few TV shows and got a number of Video_TS files and used Nero Burning Rom to put them onto DVD-R disc during burning process ERROR !

Im trying to burn some DVD files onto a DVD-R disc. Ive never burnt to a DVD disc before only CDRW’s. I just brought another DVD-R disc a few hours ago just tried to burn my DVD files to it and got a different error on the blue screen as you see below:

Ive also just uploaded the minidump file ive currently got after the PC restarted after that error message got to 100% on memory dumping. Its here - http://sr1.mytempdir.com/130486

Gawd im worried now really i dont know to much about PC’s, this isnt a good start really for DVD burning for me. By the way the only hardware ive installed over the past 3months is 1. A New optical mouse with a PS2 to USB adapter 2. Pioneer 109 DVD-RW drive 3. 80Way IDE cable

I really want these bloody blue screens to feck off im getting so annoyed now if its not 1 error its another i mean gawd!!

phil_ - Heres that image from the fan prog - http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/8623/untitled5ek.jpg

Motherboard Name - MSI MS-6378
AMD Duron 1200mhz
Memory - 512mb of SD Ram and 128mb of SD Ram
Chipset - VIA VT8361 Apollo KLE133
BIOS Type - Award Modular
Award BIOS Type - Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG

Thats some PC info about my Computer not sure how much help it is though.

i dont need to check the minidump file this time cuz its abious the screenshot shows it clearly , SAVRTPEL.SYS is the trouble maker that file belong to norton antivirus i suggest youll disable the resident protection before burning and enable when done , if disabling the resident protection will not help then uninstall it and get another antivirus the 2 best are kaspersky and nod32 both arent free but the truth is there is no good free antivirus and even if disabling the resident protection will work i still recommend to get rid of norton its a major resource hogger also its crap at catching malwares , the temperature & voltages looks just fine i hope that 23% cpu usage the screenshot shows was just a temporary thing check ctrl+alt+del , you should consider getting a new hard drive 40gb isnt much

ah Norton ey? Why didnt i think of that just the other week i was trying to upgrade my 109’s firmware and it died but i went into safe mode and upgraded FW again and drive came alive. Well thats £2 i wasted on DVD-R discs. Well i’ll get another 1 in a few days and try to burn my files in Safe mode i find Norton dont load then and i got the best chance of it being a sucess.

If the SAVRTPEL.SYS error was caused by Norton Antivirus does that mean the other error that i mentioned in the first post - Bad_pool_caller was also caused by norton AV ?

On the HD size i know 40gb is kak really aint it? Mind you i dont really tend to download to much i get scared my PC will go to slow. Ive managed to stay at about 26/28gb so only used like 8gb or so max until i had these VIDEO_TS files from norton. Ah well i’ll report back urm in a few days i guess but i’ll keep checking back here to see if anyone leaves a message. Hopefully safemode works.

why bother with safe mode disabling the resident protection while burning or gettin rid of norton if that wont work is a much better choice in my opinion at least , and if youll get another antivirus instead of norton its always good to have the resident protection disabled while burning cuz it just scans everyfile while the burning software tryin to burn it usally this dont cause a blue screen but theres a high chance it will make the burn fail , theres no way to be sure but its possible the previous bluescreens were caused by same file

Keep us posted! The only time I got a blue screen was when I tried to play a DVD and SONIC had a packet program installed. Removed all my packet programs and problem fixed. I would do as phil suggested above and also disable popup, spyware blockers, and do a clean disk in windows as well as a windows clean up in Nortan for broken links. Current version of Nero pack 1 and only pack one. Decrypter and Shrink.