109 XL for sale in UK



Sorry if this has been covered before,
I thought the XL drives were not to be sold in europe, only OEM, but they are selling them here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/DVD_RW_Drives.html

Edit; been searching around now & a few places are now selling them :o


Yeah, just look around, I bought two in Germany.


Hi :slight_smile:
Been on sale in the UK for about 2 months due in part to early 109 being a pain in the butt ( very first batch only-problem f/w & resisted upgrade ) also consumer demand for a sexy little number in black ( beige / silver )
It’s an improvment with honeycomb chasis giving more rigidty without increase in weight & quiet s/w


Cheers, last time i heard it was only going to be OEM’s sold here, so that’s great news, still not going to buy one as i’ve no problems with my 108 :bigsmile:


Hi :slight_smile:
At a recent computer fair 109 (£32) 109XL (£39) 108 (£45)
Tells you something don’t you think


It does, it must be embarrassing that a previous model is selling for more than the latest.


Had one from there for months now, they never get info correct, calling it a limited edition and read/writes speeds are wrong, they are a nightmare to return anything to, i give them prob £3000 per year so far and prob more in 2006.