109, Very Bad Speed Tests?

Yes, this is how it should be. It was just like this with my Pioneer 108.

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where was your burner made in? when was it made?

mine was made in china, in Dec 2004, which i thought was abit old already. Its almost april now.

I think i can confidently say, my drive is faulty.
I had some good quality Ritek +R’s and some average quality -R’s and then super quality Verbatims , yet none worked… and this has been 2 drives out of 2.

I bought 2 drives. I’ve refunded it now.

I still want a 109, but not sure, what to look for when buying another one =(

I’ve got an A09XL manufactured in China in January.

Just updated the firmware to 1.40.

The first image shows a Data Transfer test of a TYG02 with the drive set to Performance using the Quiet Drive utility.

The second image shows the same disk with the drive set to Performance but with the speed limited to 8x.

hey mark,

the first graph is exactly what i am experiencing…
50%, dips to x2, but mine is more volitile that yours.

Since yours is a A09, I dont get the performance and quiet modes to select on my 109.

But this is a very serious problem, since on a 109 i cannot make the drive read slower, I am unable to competely read a DVD-R unless i spend like 15-20minutes on it.

Since slowing the speed of the read would be a better solution.

I still think, these 109’s and A09’s are abit funny with reading.

You were using TY’s, theres no reason for it to not be able to read properly all the way to x16. And your curve isn’t as smooth as the other dudes


I’ve got some read test from the 108.

1st is verbatim
2nd is ritek g05 from 108
3rd is ritek g05 from 109

RED is what the 109 read curve looks like

well, finally someone that has my same problems…i think that i’ll sell this drive…