109 V1.58 Burn PS2 Games Problem

I read in this forum, a lot of people having problem burn ps2 games with this burner (Pioneer 109 firmware 1.58), I have V7 PS2 chipped with DMS3. Every games that I burned with this 109, can’t be play in my V7 ps2, i have another 108 and all burned work great.
Software I use recordnow v7 and disc juggler. windows xp sp2.
I’m sure problem is not on computer setting or ps2, but on burner 109.
So, anyone have solution for this problem???
There are a lot of post regarding this problem but there is none solution post in forum that i can find.


I have a V7 PS2 chip with Magic 3.1 chip and all my burns work fine. I have burned a couple lately and all play. 2 were on CD so not DVD but two were on DVD with 4x +R memorex media RICOHJPN01 media code.

forgot to mention, i use DVD-R Ritek 4X. Most of the disc when burned with 109, my other burner 108 can’t even read the dvd-r. but when i tried with 109, it can read it. weird. any suggestion?

If you Riteks 4x are cheap ones (unbranded, Arita, Ridisc, Rimedia…), no wonder. The 109 has issues writing low-quality discs. The 108 did a better job with these.

My 109 has no problems with good G04 (Traxdatas and Ridisc purple from early 2004) but I tested many other G04 discs, more recent production, and the results were awful :Z

Indeed the 109 does fine with the Ricoh 4x discs like cantankerous mentions.

Out of curiosity, I’d like to ask you if you could post some of the hub serials of your G04s? (H1-XXX, J6-XXX, H4-XXX…)

i used Ritek Arita G04 J4-XXX. All just fine with my 108. I’m planning to get NEC, do you think NEC will do just fine like 108?


The 3540A, yes, the 4550A, no (at least with current firmware). The 109 is actually better with good media, but the 3540A burns Ritek G04 much better than the Pioneer does. The 4550A doesn’t look very good as a @4X burner from the limited experience I have with it.

You’re lucky, the J4-XXX series are not the worse G04 series. Nevertheless, consider buying better discs in the future :wink:

thanks. will grab NEC 3540A from Newegg.