109 troubles

Before going the Pioneer warranty route, I thought I’d ask here if these symptoms sound familar.

I’m using a OEM 109 that has been crossflashed to an A09 (Firmnware 1.57). The drive has worked flawlessly since March, but now it can no longer mount a DVD (neither commercial or DVD-R, nor my Tiger Systerm DVD). Audio disks mount and play (via Mac iTunes) and data disks also mount properly. But I cannot write a data disk—Toast reports either hardware errors or media errors. Using the Finder’s burner also fails. I haven’t tried burning an audio disk, since I assume I won’t be able to.

I was very hot here yesterday (close to 99°F), and the drive may have overheated. I burned two data disks successfully before getting errors. I’m not sure if excess hedat could kill the drive, only only the drives DVD capabilities…

Any advice?

RMA the drive with that firmware and you’ll get into trouble.

Right. I was planning to install the OEM 1.57 firmware before sending the unit in. I’m not sure if the QuietDrive feature would still be detectable. I suspect they won’t try to repair this particular unit to send back to me, simply send me another one—refurbished already. So I guess I won’t get the QuietDrive Performance feature if I cross flash to the A09 again. Have to use a PC for that.

In Scandinavia the drive goes back to pioneer, and they do repair it, tried it with my old 105 drive.

Overheating can be really a big problem for such a burner.
Just try again in an “normal” temperature environment and let us know the result. :wink:

Today the air temp is a cool 69°F, and I shut off one of my processors and inserted a DVD. The disk did not mount. I tried another DVD and it did mount, but DVDPlayer couldn’t see it. Normal internal temps in my Dual G4 are around 139°F. But for the sake of this test I got it down to 104°F. So while excess heat may have been the cause of the problem, cooling hasn’t proved to be a solution.

I will now call Pioneer and see how long I’m kept on hold before talking to a human being.

The wait wasn’t long and the whole process took only 14 minutes. They say a two-three week turn around.