109 Ripping speed?

Guys sorry for the noob-like question but how do you know which speed your burner is ripping at? I did the flash from 109 to A09XL and it works b.a.utifully but I’d like to know if it’s actually ripping at 12x as most of you are.

Hi :slight_smile:

It’s your ripping software that tells you at what speed it’s ripping.
If your ripping software does not report the speed, there’s no way you can know it I’m afraid…

What software do you use?

DVD Shink!?

DVD Shrink is no real ripping tool, nor is it or will ever be a burning tool.
…even if some people really think DVD Shrink could burn anything.

Try DVD Decrypter. It will show you the ripping speed throughout the entire operation.

:iagree: That’s what many of us do:

Rip with Decrypter, Re-author/shrink/create ISO with Shrink, burn ISO with Decrypter.

Works like a charm :slight_smile: - and with a bonus : ISOs burnt with decrypter give very high quality burns.

There are many tutorials/guides out there on how to use DVD Decrypter together with DVDShrink. :wink: